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Frequently Asked Questions 

eMinutes Arts is threefold. We partner with organizations that are interested in creating programs to encourage the careers of underrepresented and disenfranchised artists. Ideally, these programs would include mentorship, pairing emerging artists with experienced artists, developing talent, and facilitate finding work. eMinutes will offer these organizations financial assistance and the formation of corporations and LLCs at no charge as part of a well-developed program.

We also provide financial support through sponsorships to organizations that champion diversity, equity and inclusion. As a component of our grant, we will form corporations and LLCs for those who need them.  Our lawyers will consult with the artist, provide comprehensive and highly customized legal services as described here and pay all filing fees. Participants can opt to utilize our entity management service but there is no obligation to do so.

And more directly, we will form companies for free for underrepresented and disenfranchised storytellers that are part of any of our partner programs and are ready to grow their arts business

We will form free entities in connection to the aforementioned strategic partnerships and in addition, our firm will start a policy of highly discounting rates to storytellers of underrepresented and disenfranchised communities. And free means free — we’ll pay the filing fees, and we will customize the corporate documents, just like we do for all of our paying clients.

To be considered for a discounted corporation (1) you need to be a participant in one of our sponsored programs, have a trailer and show you are serious about your project, (2) you need to have an accountant, (3) you must live in California, New York, or Texas, and (4) we’d ask that you tell your audience about our offer so we can help other filmmakers for free.

No, our offer is for first-time clients, but the firm will start highly discounting rates for first time storytellers of underrepresented and disenfranchised communities so connect with us to learn about the new rate and how it could apply to your future projects.

No, we want to set our clients up for success and having an accountant means that your corporate tax returns will be handled by a professional.

There are reasons to incorporate but you need to speak with your CPA to determine if incorporating is right for you. We will not form a company for people that don’t need it.

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